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Disharmonies that cannot be detected early on by Western diagnostics are often the precursors to disease. In many instances of emerging or chronic imbalances, health problems can be prevented or reversed through natural healing methods and counseling. A caring and integrative approach to healing nurtures the body and the mind to prevent or reverse illness and other health challenges.

Health and disease result from a complex interaction of physical, emotional, dietary, genetic, lifestyle and other factors. In an integrative approach, the effective practitioner goes to the root sources and explores the entire scope of potential causes of illness, physical pain and emotional discomfort. Multiple modalities and complimentary therapies are then utilized to provide immediate relief of symptoms and foster a program for sustained wellness.

Through education, patients are guided toward long-term improvement in their quality of life and the elimination of the causes of their current condition. They are given tools they can use for a lifetime to maintain the highest quality of well-being.