Applied Kinesiology offers the patient the opportunity to live a more balanced life because it aims to uncover imbalances in our body allowing us to work towards finding a sense of equilibrium.

As a Kinesiologist, I can assess your state of health through specific muscle testing. By recognizing any variation of stress resistance in various muscle groups, i.e. finding a weak or strong muscle, I am able to uncover any imbalance - physical, chemical or emotional.

Because Kinesiology is a truly holistic therapy, it looks at the body as a whole and not as a series of separate parts. Upon finding imbalances, I can regulate the flow of energy through the nervous system by the use of acupressure and manipulation of soft tiussue at specific points of the body.

How will it help? If you are experiencing an unspecified ache or pain that you can't seem to identify, Kinesiology may be for you. It is also ideal for treating those with specified and difficult to treat pain.

The practice of Kinesiology is also thought to be a powerful tool for identifying allergies, food and airborne. As a practitioner, I will test the body's reaction to different foods and perform subsequent muscle testing. This is most helpful if you suffer from digestive issues and fatigue, as it may help identify some triggers for you.

Kinesiology is also beneficial for patients suffering from anxiety, headaches, learning difficulties, low energy, skin conditions and stress. Kinesiology has been proven to be scientifically based and effective.

Achieving Wellness Through Integrative Approaches

Applied Kinesiology

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